We all know the names of the four skills in English language, but today I learned to many things about the subskills and the way we use them commonly all the time. I can notice that there´s no way to give priority to one of them, and also there are going to be times, that to explain one skill you have to refer to another one. It´s like successive approximations. The most important thing is that you have to encourage students to practice each skill in every moment, and I think this is the only way to learn and get to properly use the English as a second language.



1.- In Unit 4 of Attitude 1 book, the principal topic is WORK, and I can notice that the 4 lessons are divided in speaking terms like:

TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE´S MAIN OCCUPATION, TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOU DO IN DIFFERENT DAYS, TALKING ABOUT PREFERENCES, TALKING ABOUT LIFESTYLES; where taking part of conversations, in discussions, intonation, ask and give information are the most important functions to learn at that level. Also for me it can be useful to relate the importance of pronunciation in -er/-or like the occupations teacher, doctor, etc.






1.- I´d like to tell you that one time in Italian class, put a very well known song named “PIU BELLA COSA” by Eros Ramazzotti and it was pretty interesting for me notice that students loved the idea of sing that song but in another language, they could understand the main words and the sense of the song because many words sounds the same as in Spanish but I noticed that it was difficult for them to follow the pacing of the song as a result of Italian turns out to be very quick language to talk in native speakers.

3. – The site can be a pretty good idea to use in English classes for me, it´s accessible to all of us and the students can have fun looking for their favorites songs. Also the idea of having lyrics next to the song´s video increases the use and development of other skills.





2. – Dear Isa,

                     I appreciate so much that you help me take care of my department these weeks. I am going to ask you for some favors, if you can do them, I would be very very grateful my friend, so here are the instructions:

  • Feed Bimba just twice a day, in the morning and between 6 and 7 at night.
  • Mr. Perez called every night to check that everything´s ok in the apartment.
  • Have to take out the trash and put in the tank before 10.
  • On Wednesday, the plumber will fix the bathroom. We agree that when I´m come back, I´ll pay him so don´t worry about that.
  • Sally will send me some books, can you receive them, please?


And the most important thing is to pay on time the cable so you can see your favorite program J the money is in the same secret place, don´t forget it!!

I think that´s all Isa,

THANKS for your help and see you in a couple of weeks.




1.- In Four Corners Book, there is a lesson called Time to Celebrate, and there is an important article about Birthday Traditions that involves the way many countries celebrate birthdays.

This article refers to cultural and traditional information text type, and the subskills that contain would be lead in, deducing meaning from context and reading for detail focusing on reading for gist and specific information.

This book is a basic level so the text it´s pretty short and easy to understand with vocabulary that they know previously.


2.- In this text about Birthday Traditions, it´s possible to switch the lesson and the class can also learn about reading skills like scanning, for example asking people to underline as many birthday´s words as they know like cake, party, etc. In this way, they´re only going to look for the words and they aren´t going to read the whole text.


Literature Circles

I think this is a powerful resource in the classrooms, because the students can feel less teacher´s control in class, and also they can express their own thoughts about what they are reading.Image

 For me, it´s important to know the students hobbies, ideas and feelings and with all that things create a safe and nice place for all of us,  this place will work as a tolerance and communicative zone, where everybody can express itself and learning about other person´s ideas, and this can be done through activities like literature circles.

As guides, we can implement these resources to enhance grammar knowledge, for example, in the past, perfect or future tenses where read and report to other students the text, the things that they like or doesn´t, the possibility of an alternative ending  can be the best way to evaluate if the students can handle the recent knowledge.

Phonology class!!

/ðe   kʌŋtekst pleɪ  æ  meɪn rʌʊl ɪn ði: weɪ wi: ɪkspres ɑ:ʊər aɪdɪəs sʌ ɪts verɪ ɪmpɔ:rtnt tu: nʌʊ ði: kərekt prənʌnsɪeɪʃn ɒf ði: wɜ:rds/

The context plays a main role in the way we express our ideas so it is very important to know the correct pronunciation of the words.

Comparison Matrix of CEFR and ALTE







Standards in Europe and the world to set targets in the teaching process.

Same applications of any language.

Support the idea of having the same development of language testing in both, practice and theory


Compare people´s qualifications for jobs.

Create references points.

Define language proficiency in 6 levels from A1 to C2

Established the same standards on the language testing process.

Raise the importance of language testing and its standards

Teaching Applications

Certifications around the world.

Common criteria in abilities for design teaching materials.

Receive qualified training through special interest groups in Europe wich can join in projects, exchange of ideas, etc.

Feelings about starting….

After this two first days I feel nervous, exciting and very curious of what we´ve been talking in class about “the perfect class”, and when I say perfect, I mean efficient, proactive and profitable class. There are so many things that we skip, take it for granted or just don´t explain because for us it´s not relevant, it´s common or just didn´t know how that comes up; but it´s necessary to think that as same as in Spanish, it has to be done step by step, familiarizing students with these new expressions and also achieving the engagement of them since the first class.

I would like to be a good guide for my next students and also I´d like to find the best way to express with them my purpose: having a good time while we´re learning a new language and that´s the main reason of my presence on TKT course.