I´m in shock people!!! I Imagehave no idea of how much information exists about the use of Bloom´s taxonomy in classrooms. As I said in classes, I only knew it as a tool for building the theoretical framework of my thesis.

I loved the Bloom´s wheel and knowledge dimension, I have to confess that I smiled when I saw colors and shapes within the diagram and confirm that only in that way I could finally understand a little more about this.

I also found a very good example of B-T that I want you to share with you. It´s called Bloom’s Taxonomy and a Pen by George Couros. For me was relieved to find this example a little more understanding. I found interesting to observe how scaffolds are created simple and common thoughts to the development of increasingly complex and abstracts thoughts.

I will try to show this with the following activity.

The lesson was Dating and Relationships so the students read an article and then will:

  • REMEMBERING: Describe character’s personalities.
  • UNDERSTANDING: Why kind of relationships appears in the article?
  • APPLYING: Have you been involved in any of these kinds of relationships?
  • ANALYSING: How many other styles of relationship do you know? Have you ever been in a blind date? Would you like to try it? Yes? No?
  • EVALUATING: Answer the test to know in what kind of relationships do you want to be involved?
  • CREATING: Act in a role play activity the different kinds of relationships you learnt