ImageNAME: David Herrera Martínez

SEX: Male

Age: 6

Occupation: Student

                                                                               L1: Spanish

David lives with his parents in Yucatán, México. He´d just finished the kinder garden and start elementary school. His parents work in a food company. He studies in a government´s school and don´t have the possibility to pay extra English classes on afternoons.

He´s starting the learning process with forming letters, learning words and some basic math. He´s very smart and likes to tell everyone that he have already known English by repeating the colors all day.

I would like to teach him with images and colors!! I think he needs a course that can combine auditory and visual elements where images and repeating resources makes de best development for him.

It´s just a child and their own learning process is acting like a new tool in classes. I think I can use the fact that he likes to tell everybody he knows English, so I will motivate him with small but important goals like tell people also the animals, numbers, body parts, etc.

He likes to repeat so that will be easy in class, the interaction between images and repeating. I can imagine many activities using role play as in occupations or animals too. Have fun is the most important for him and the kids at that age, so play while you are learning can be the best tool.