I really loved the blog and how technology can be the best ally for us in classrooms these days. I have to confess that I´m pretty simple in the technology fields, so I don´t know many things about that, and I´m get lost most of the time surfing the net, dropping programs, etc. But this, really interested me because reflects the student´s world.

I saw the techniques and I´d like to try with Voicethread, because like the photography and know that many students enjoy to take photos and put them on facebook, so I will like to use these student´s habits to encourage them to speak out and share their life´s vision in another language or if they prefer can also write their comments.

Also I love the place called Chirbit , because the students can create their space and share their own opinions and preferences about topics that they learned before. I can notice that you can use youtube videos so it´s very useful to comment what they listened in some videos for practicing both skills. I like the idea of having students recording themselves in some activities, to show them that they can and they are speaking in another language.

This sources can be use in many topics, as professions, favorites places, food, colors, clothes, etc. Also I can imagine a past tense´s class where the homework could be the first vacation´s or holiday´s memory!

I really enjoyed to do this homework!!