2. – Dear Isa,

                     I appreciate so much that you help me take care of my department these weeks. I am going to ask you for some favors, if you can do them, I would be very very grateful my friend, so here are the instructions:

  • Feed Bimba just twice a day, in the morning and between 6 and 7 at night.
  • Mr. Perez called every night to check that everything´s ok in the apartment.
  • Have to take out the trash and put in the tank before 10.
  • On Wednesday, the plumber will fix the bathroom. We agree that when I´m come back, I´ll pay him so don´t worry about that.
  • Sally will send me some books, can you receive them, please?


And the most important thing is to pay on time the cable so you can see your favorite program J the money is in the same secret place, don´t forget it!!

I think that´s all Isa,

THANKS for your help and see you in a couple of weeks.