One of my worst experiences as a teacher….


I really want to share this episode on my teacher´s life. If you don´t mind I´d like to tell the story in Spanish for better results.

At the middle of the semester, by direction´s order, we switched groups, so I started to give classes to a pretty restless group. Soon, I had the impression of a group with no interest in English classes because most of them failed previous courses.

Pasé varias semanas intentando establecer un buen ambiente de trabajo, sin lograr resultados. Comencé a llamar la atención un par de veces dentro del salón y a la siguiente obtenían un reporte, lo cual sin duda resultó en muchas faltas de respeto por parte de los estudiantes. Así, noté un par de alumnos, que parecían generar más desorden en el salón y decidí hablar con ellos por separado sin ninguna respuesta de su parte, por lo que procedí a separarlos, lo cual incremento el desorden porque entre ellos se comunicaban y jugaban a distancia, llegando incluso a aventarse tennis de lado a lado.

Después de varios enojos y frustraciones, un día, decidí no prestar atención a su comportamiento, por lo que me concentre en dar la clase, obviar su desorden y al final de dar las instrucciones de trabajo, acercarme a otros alumnos para guiarlos en las actividades; llegué a sus lugares, y uno de ellos me dijo: ¿Qué me ve? ¿Qué quiere?, a lo que respondí tranquila: Pues veo que no tienen el libro afuera y quiero que se pongan a trabajar, por favor. Y continué monitoreando el trabajo en el salón.

Casi al finalizar la clase, me di cuenta que de mala gana, estos chicos, estaban preguntando por las páginas del libro y las actividades que tenían que hacer. La clase terminó y yo pude por fin sonreír: Fue un gran logro para mí!.

I don´t know if I did the right thing in this situation but I´m sure that for an hour, changed their behavior´s patterns and they were forced to work in the classroom against their will!! 🙂  By the end of the semester, they were still misbehaving and as a result of their actions they had to do the “extra”  exam so if anyone can help me telling me what to do if you find in your way these chaotic student´s type, please let me know!!.

Thank you for reading me!


Bloom´s taxonomy!!!

I´m in shock people!!! I Imagehave no idea of how much information exists about the use of Bloom´s taxonomy in classrooms. As I said in classes, I only knew it as a tool for building the theoretical framework of my thesis.

I loved the Bloom´s wheel and knowledge dimension, I have to confess that I smiled when I saw colors and shapes within the diagram and confirm that only in that way I could finally understand a little more about this.

I also found a very good example of B-T that I want you to share with you. It´s called Bloom’s Taxonomy and a Pen by George Couros. For me was relieved to find this example a little more understanding. I found interesting to observe how scaffolds are created simple and common thoughts to the development of increasingly complex and abstracts thoughts.

I will try to show this with the following activity.

The lesson was Dating and Relationships so the students read an article and then will:

  • REMEMBERING: Describe character’s personalities.
  • UNDERSTANDING: Why kind of relationships appears in the article?
  • APPLYING: Have you been involved in any of these kinds of relationships?
  • ANALYSING: How many other styles of relationship do you know? Have you ever been in a blind date? Would you like to try it? Yes? No?
  • EVALUATING: Answer the test to know in what kind of relationships do you want to be involved?
  • CREATING: Act in a role play activity the different kinds of relationships you learnt


My course design poster

ImageNAME: David Herrera Martínez

SEX: Male

Age: 6

Occupation: Student

                                                                               L1: Spanish

David lives with his parents in Yucatán, México. He´d just finished the kinder garden and start elementary school. His parents work in a food company. He studies in a government´s school and don´t have the possibility to pay extra English classes on afternoons.

He´s starting the learning process with forming letters, learning words and some basic math. He´s very smart and likes to tell everyone that he have already known English by repeating the colors all day.

I would like to teach him with images and colors!! I think he needs a course that can combine auditory and visual elements where images and repeating resources makes de best development for him.

It´s just a child and their own learning process is acting like a new tool in classes. I think I can use the fact that he likes to tell everybody he knows English, so I will motivate him with small but important goals like tell people also the animals, numbers, body parts, etc.

He likes to repeat so that will be easy in class, the interaction between images and repeating. I can imagine many activities using role play as in occupations or animals too. Have fun is the most important for him and the kids at that age, so play while you are learning can be the best tool.

Learning Styles Quizzes

I liked to corroborate my learning style as a visual person!!! The results are 38% VIsual, 31% Auditory and 31% Kinesthetic. I think I´m in a good balance in learning´s field.

The other quiz is pretty interesting, because gives you a better idea of ​​what are your strengths to lead you in common life and knowing that, you can organize your learning strategies at classrooms. It´s important, as we commented in class to take in consideration the differents student´s needs to develop better english´classes. We don´t have enough time to put especific activities for all learning styles but we can keep in mind have, create and modify our materials constantly to getting closer for a better language acquisition in our classrooms.


Web 2.0 Tools Exploration

I really loved the blog and how technology can be the best ally for us in classrooms these days. I have to confess that I´m pretty simple in the technology fields, so I don´t know many things about that, and I´m get lost most of the time surfing the net, dropping programs, etc. But this, really interested me because reflects the student´s world.

I saw the techniques and I´d like to try with Voicethread, because like the photography and know that many students enjoy to take photos and put them on facebook, so I will like to use these student´s habits to encourage them to speak out and share their life´s vision in another language or if they prefer can also write their comments.

Also I love the place called Chirbit , because the students can create their space and share their own opinions and preferences about topics that they learned before. I can notice that you can use youtube videos so it´s very useful to comment what they listened in some videos for practicing both skills. I like the idea of having students recording themselves in some activities, to show them that they can and they are speaking in another language.

This sources can be use in many topics, as professions, favorites places, food, colors, clothes, etc. Also I can imagine a past tense´s class where the homework could be the first vacation´s or holiday´s memory!

I really enjoyed to do this homework!!